DOUGIE MACLEAN: Singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and composer of the highest caliber. Dougie currently has 18 albums available on CD. They may be purchased directly from his web site, or located in most record stores throughout the world. I strongly recommend the purchase of any or all of his albums. His web site has much to offer.



    ALASDAIR FRASER: The worlds's foremost Scottish fiddler. Alasdair performs solo, and with the band Skyedance. He currently has 6+ solo albums available, as well as 3 albums with Skyedance, and one with Scottish guitarist Tony McManus. His CD's may be purchased from his web site, or at most record stores throughout the world. "...he cuts to your soul with his music".



    LOREENA MCKENNITT: Singer, song writer, composer, arranger and master of the harp. Loreena's original compositions evoke the beauty and mystery that surrounds Celtic Music. Visit her web site and sample her compositions..........CD's and Cassettes are available at most record stores world wide.



    MAGGIE MACINNIS: A superb vocalist and Clarach (Scottish Harp) performer and recording artist. Maggie is a former member of the Scottish folk group "Ossian". Her main influence musically has been her mother, the highly acclaimed traditional singer Flora MacNeil MBE, who has passed on to her a deep love and understanding of Gaelic songs. Maggie has 2 albums available"....truly beautiful".



    TOM LONG: California fingerstyle guitarist Tom Long has recorded 3 albums on his own label, as well as being featured recently on 2 Rounder compilation releases: "The Blarney Pilgrim" and "Ramble to Cashel". Tom's solo guitar arrangements convey the articulation of pipes and Celtic fiddling to the highest degree. Tom tours world wide, however he performs regularly at Macabes in the Long Beach area.



    PAT KIRTLEY: Guitarist, composer, arranger and winner of the prestigious National Fingerpicking Championship at Winfield, Kansas. Pat has 6 albums released on Main String Records, and has been featured on several compilation albums on the Narada label. His album "Irish Guitar" is a great album of solo fingerstyle Irish music. Pat has also been featured on two Rounder CD's, "The Blarney Pilgrim" and "Ramble to Cashel". "Pat Kirtley's Fingerstyle Video Lesson Series" is now available through Vestapol.


    DAVY SPILLANE: A composer and instrumentalist, Davy is one of the finest Uilleann Pipers on the face of the planet. Davy also performs on Low Whistles. Featured in the original "River Dance", Davy performs traditional and contemporary Irish and Celtic music.



    TANNAHILL WEAVERS: For well over 20 years the "Tannies" have been performing their arrangements of traditional and contemporary Scottish music to packed houses worldwide. Any, or all of their 12 albums would be a welcome addition to your music collection.



    CAPERCAILLIE: Contemporary and traditional Scottish music at its absolute best. Capercaillie has been able to mold a central strand of the Gaelic musical heritage in to a fresh, new sound capable of reaching out to the ears and hearts of people all over the modern world. Using primarily acoustic instruments in a contemperorary, highly syncopated idiom, they have updated the structures while retaining the rich harmonic flavor and Gaelic lyrics of the old songs.



    ALTAN: Formed in the 80's, this band has withstood the elements of time to emerge as, simply put, the finest traditional band in all of Ireland, a national treasure. Their CD's and Cassette's are available through Green Linnet, or may be found at record stores that cater to Celtic music.



    IAN F. BENZIE: Singer, song writer, guitarist. Until recently, the lead vocalist and guitarist for "Old Blind Dogs". Ian's solo album "So Far" was recorded on KRL in 1995. If you haven't had the opportunity to hear Ian or O.B.D., then this album is a must for your collection. Available through KRL Records, or music stores carrying Celtic music.


    OLD BLIND DOGS: With seven albums to their credit, this ballistic band will get your feet tapping. Composers of contemporary Celtic tunes, masters of arrangements for traditional Scottish music, any or all of their albums should be added to your collection. Available on KRL Records, or music stores carrying Celtic music.



    EL MCMEEN: "This fifth solo recording by guitarist El McMeen (Treasures) is correctly named: This is a treasure. McMeen has recorded an impressive collection of mostly traditional Celtic tunes, most not usually associated with solo guitar. He has such a light touch, very sensitive to the flow of the melody. His playing is unhurried, clean and a delight to listen to. And the selection of tunes is nothing short of brilliant. This (along with Pat Kirtley's Irish Guitar) is one of the finest solo guitar recordings I've had the pleasure of reviewing." Dirty Linen


    ART EDELSTEIN: Celtic Fingerstyle Guitarist and recording artist. Art has a very informative web site posted. This Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar site is worthy of a visit and bookmark.



    ANNA MURRAY (MHOIREACH): From the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, Anna is an accomplished actress and singer, and is skilled on both the highland and small pipes. Her Gaelic CD's are highly recommended.



    TONY McMANUS: Seldom does one have the opportunity to hear a guitarist with so much ability and talent. Absolutely one of the finest instrumentalists to emerge from Scotland. Tony has 3 CD's released on Greentrax Recordings, and has an album with Scottish Fiddler Alasdair Fraser on Culburnie Records.



    MEN OF WORTH: With 6+ albums to their credit, Men of Worth should be on your "must see" and "must purchase" lists.

    "There's nothing like the real thing, and the real thing in Celtic entertainment is Men of Worth. Maestros of the music, mirth and melancholy of their homelands, Irishman James Keigher and Scotsman Donnie Macdonald are spellbinding performers. Every time they take the stage the audience gets more than it hoped for, and every time they leave the stage the audience is on its feet. As a testament to their enduring artistry and grassroots appeal, they were at work long before things Celtic became a fad, and judging from the quality and popularity of their program, they'll still be performing for True Believers long after the fad fades. You just can't do better than Men of Worth... they're on my play list to stay."

    - Stephen McCandless, Executive Director, Craterian Performances, Medford, OR

    WICKED TINKERS: In June 1999 and September 2002 I had the opportunity to perform on the same venue as these 4 lads. It took a week to get the smile off my face, and another week to get my hearing back. With out a doubt, the most ballistic band out there.

    "If my car suddenly acquired one of those earthshaking sound systems that vibrates windows for a block in each direction, this might be the first CD I'd play. There's nothing subtle, or serious, about these guys -- just three smiling lads from California with a set of Highland bagpipes and assorted drums, having a lot of fun blasting away on an
    assortment of traditional and modern Scottish jigs, reels, hornpipes, and marches. A percussive wall of sound from snare and tenor drums and a booming Macedonian bass tappan reinforce Aaron Shaw's turbocharged piping on most tracks, with a couple of slow airs thrown in for a breather. Highly recommended for anyone who likes Scottish pipes and drums played with skill and power, or who just wants to scare off the neighbors."

    - T.J. McGrath -- © Dirty Linen, Ltd. All rights reserved

    GERRY O'BEIRNE: Gerry O'Beirne possesses a rare talent. Seldom do you have the opportunity to hear and appreciate a guitarist, singer, songwriter that is capable of transferring his emotions so directly to the listener. Gerry is in great demand by other recording artists predicated on his ability to communicate emotion and "digit-dazzle" while never competing with, or over powering the vocalist or other instruments. Gerry is truly one of the more "tasteful" guitarists in today's Celtic market. I strongly urge you to visit his web site to learn more about him, and consider purchasing his music.


    HILARY RUSHMER: Hilary Rushmer presents CD's and cassettes of traditional and original melodies from the British Isles, played on accoustic traditional instruments.She has recorded 5 albums on her own label. "..This is a fine example of 'the real thing' - music straight from the heart. Instruments incorporated includes harps, fiddle, cello, flute, whistle, pipes, concertina, accordions, guitars, bodhran, bouzouki and keyboards. Much recommended listening."David James - Celtic Connections Journal.



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    TAYLOR GUITARS: 1980 Gillespie Way, El Cajon, CA 92020-1096, 619-258-1207


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    DAN CRARY: He is a musical legend, a pioneer of one of the most intricate, yet powerful, forms of American music, and a master of the guitar; he's Dan Crary, a flatpicking stylist with an international reputation for innovation, taste and brilliance. With more than 50 years as a performer, Crary is one of the few artists whose work can be said to transcend the boundaries of style and genre. In a time when yesterday's stars are all too often today's unknowns, and genres are picked up and discarded quickly, it's a rare career that encompasses multiple styles and decades while remaining fresh and exciting. If consistency, creativity and longevity are hallmarks of artistic achievement, then Dan Crary must be recognized as one of the greatest traditional artists of our day.

    "Renaissance of the Steel String Guitar" - Dan Crary

    For years audiences have told Dan Crary that they appreciate the stories he tells in concerts, stories about the guitar, stories about how the steel-string guitar rose to become the world's most popular instrument, and stories about the guitar heroes who showed the world what it could do.

    Renaissance of the Steel String Guitar will take you on an instrumental journey into the past and recent history of the instrument, with performances of the music that has punctuated its rise. A very special 16-page booklet is included, recounting some of the stories and history of the guitar that audiences have enjoyed.

    This album includes a beautiful, deluxe cover sleeve, and a 16-page insert filled with stories of the "beer-stains-and-bullet-holes" history of the guitar!

    Dan Crary's "Renaissance of the Steel String Guitar" is one of the finest instrumental albums that I've heard in many years. Arrangements as well as Dan's performances on this album are nothing less than stellar. I've been a fan of Crary's unmatched expertise on 6 and 12 string guitar for close to 30 years. In my opinion, he has surpassed himself with this project. He ventures into diverse musical genres, providing the listener with an album that evokes an uncontrollable desire to "never be removed from the CD player."

    C. Dean - Guitarist/Recording Artist

    EDGAR CRUZ: This guitarist plays a guitar as though he has 10 fingers on each hand. "...Edgar Cruz is a wizard. How else can one explain how he captures the sounds of an entire band and reduces them to a single guitar? It's that special gift, skill, magic - whatever you'd like to call it - that has produced such amazing solo guitar performances as Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. If Cruz caught the attention of the guitar playing and listening world with that masterpiece, then that world had better brace itself..." John Schroder, Publisher, Fingerstyle Guitar

    TOMMY EMMANUEL: In my opinion, Tommy is the most gifted guitarist of our time. Without a doubt, the best on the planet. Check out his web site, and when he's touring in your area, don't miss him.

    DOYLE DYKES: Not long ago someone remarked to Chet Atkins as having the "fastest right hand ever." Chet replied: "Have you heard Doyle Dykes lately? More and more frequently it is Doyle Dykes' name that is invoked in guitar circles and with good reason: his emergence on the national scene is setting a new standard for guitar heroes." John D'Agostino, Award-winning Music Critic


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